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wedding linens homepage --> wedding industry news Augu. 15th, 2014


The date for your wedding is actually a very important part of your plans. The date influences all kinds of elements of your big day and therefore should be thought about just as long as venues and food.

¡°summertime and the weather is hot¡± sung Mungo Jerry once upon a time and yes traditionally this is true; if you don¡¯t live in Britain. British summers are known for their unpredictability. Summer weddings allow for outdoor venues, light refreshing food, cold drinks and plenty of space for all the family. Yet, it is also worth noting that you will pay nearly double what you would pay in the other months of the year.

¡°let it snow, let it snow, let it snow¡± sung Frank Sinatra. Sadly living in Britain we are more likely to have rain rather than snow. However, winter weddings are becoming more popular, especially around the month of Christmas. Venues can be cosy with log burning fires, food that fills the belly to bursting and drinks that warm the soul. With prices being cheaper too, it¡¯s always a great option for couples on a tighter budget.

Now you have thought about the time of year but what about the day. Traditionally, most weddings are held on a weekend, as this tends to not conflict with people¡¯s work. However, more and more people are starting to have their weddings on a week day. Why? Because it is cheaper. Weddings are expensive and if you can save, even a little, by having your wedding during the week rather than the weekend it seems silly not to right?

Just remember whatever day and month that you choose to have your wedding on does not mean that your wedding will be ruined. After all a date is just as date and a venue is just a place, its everyone presence at an event that makes it special, even on Friday 13th!



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