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wedding linens homepage --> wedding industry news Nov. 2nd, 2012

The Merry Minks: The Wedding Morning

Looking back, the morning of our wedding makes me laugh¡­even though I was in tears at times.

We woke up and did our usual morning things. I gave Junior Mink his breakfast and Mr. Mink took him outside while I made coffee. Mr. Mink decided to go out and get bagels to hold us over until we met up with our respective parts of the bridal party for food in the afternoon. (I had ordered food to be sent to the bridal loft, and the guys made plans to go to a pizza place near our venue for lunch.) I packed the last of our decorations and supplies and Mr. Mink loaded them into my car.

It was overcast outside, but otherwise the weather was just fine. It wasn¡¯t all that hot or humid out, either. The optimism of the venue staff started to have an effect on me. Maybe they were right and the weather that was headed our way wasn¡¯t going to be as bad as the weather reports predicted.

As I put my wedding gown into the car, it started to rain lightly. Within a few minutes, it was raining more heavily. I wish I could say I rolled with it, but I shed some tears. Form the very beginning, we wanted to be married outside and we wanted Junior Mink to be part of the ceremony. Though we had seen dogs at our venue, we had been told that Junior Mink was not allowed inside on our wedding day. I was so disappointed.

This is when things got silly. We blasted Phish¡¯s ¡°Weekapaug Groove¡± and danced around the living room, with Junior Mink running around us wagging and barking. What else was there to do at that point but let the day be what it was going to be?

The dance party didn¡¯t last too long because I had to get going. I had to pick my freshly steamed reception dress up at the cleaners and head to the venue with my MOH. We did a last-minute check to make sure we had everything we needed in the car, and then Mr. Mink saw me off¡­

When I got to the dry cleaner, the women behind the counter all wished me well and the owner helped carry my dress to the car. Once we had the dress laid out in the back, she told me that she was a rainy-day bride 26 years ago and that she knew how I was feeling at that moment, but that it would all work out in the end. It was such a nice thing to hear at that point.

Like many people, I had heard the saying that rain on your wedding day is good luck, but these sweet messages were just what I needed. I was disappointed, but I decided that even though rain might put a damper on the day, it would have no effect on our marriage.

Any other rainy-day brides out there? How did you react when the rain started to fall?


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