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wedding linens homepage --> wedding industry news Nov. 18th, 2011

To many wedding professionals, well any business owner for that matter, it is important to rank high on search engines (i.e. first page of Google) so you can be found by brides searching for your services based on certain key words.

One thing that is not helping your website is flash.  Flash is not visible by Google, an iPad or an iPhone.  You may say so, what!  Well, there are millions that have one if not both of these devices.  Brides are using them to plan their weddings.  There are some wonderful apps to assist a bride in planning and if you could have all of your wedding planning information with you in one device that you could just drop into your purse or pocket, wouldn¨t you use it too?

In case you aren¨t into the whole smartphone, iPad, iPhone world, I thought I would show you how websites look on an actual computer, and how that same website looks on an iPhone or iPad.  I decided to use retail websites so that you at least get the idea rather than using one of the many wedding professional websites I see with this issue.



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